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FAQ Page 2017-06-12T18:23:32+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 2017-06-06T17:01:40+00:00

Use our order form above to view prices and receive a quote for your property. The price is based on the square footage of the home.

Can I use the photos, video and 3D tour on my website or other marketing materials? 2017-06-06T16:56:16+00:00

Yes. The images, film and tour you purchased are licensed by My Agent Media for your use. The license allows you to use the Products to advertise you and your services.  In the event that the client wishes to use any of the Products in this manner, credit must be clearly be stated somewhere on the photo(watermark), or the page where they appear. Failure to do this may void the license granted by the copyright holder My Agent Media. Once the limited license expires, arrangements must be made to extend the license.

Do I own the copyright to the photos, video and 3D tour once I have paid? 2017-06-06T16:55:36+00:00

No. My Agent Media retains all copyright expressed and implied otherwise. My Agent Media will allow you to use the photographs, video and 3D tour you purchased under a one year license agreement. Any usage of the Products by a third party, including but not limited to other realtors, agents, architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by My Agent Media.

How can I pay? 2017-06-06T16:53:54+00:00

Services can be paid by cash, check or major credit card via paypal swipe. Invoices are sent via paypal, so please make sure I have your email address. Payment is prior to me releasing any Products.

How do I order your services? 2017-06-06T16:48:54+00:00

Click on the schedule button to get started now! Or call us if you have any questions at (954) 652-6062

Do you do aerial video? 2017-06-06T16:44:28+00:00

Yes! We have been doing aerial video & photos for over 6 years.

How long does a video take to film? 2017-06-06T16:45:05+00:00

For most video tours, filming typically takes between 1-3 hours. This time of course will vary depending on the size of the house; for larger houses (over 5,000 sq. ft.) and aerial we might need additional filming time.

Turnaround for finished video 2017-06-06T16:45:41+00:00

The typical turnaround time for videos is 2-3 business days. All media will be emailed to you as soon as it has been completed. The email will include a link to our ‘Branded’ and ‘Unbranded’ tour page that has both the photos and video embedded into the page. We also include download links for the photos (.zip file) and video (.mp4 file).

How will I receive my pictures? 2017-06-06T16:32:33+00:00

You will receive an email with a notification that your photos are ready. You can then access your photos and download the photos to your computer. You can even select to download the photos as web optimized files for MLS and Website use, or the full Print Files for print marketing, postcards, brouchures, paper ads, and more.

When will my pictures be ready? 2017-06-06T16:31:30+00:00

Your pictures will be ready for you the first business day after we photograph the home. All photos will then be edited and enhanced, ready to download.

How can I help prepare my client’s (or my) home for a real estate photo shoot? 2017-06-06T16:29:56+00:00

The neater and cleaner your home or business is, the better it will photograph.  Always start with a good cleaning.  But to help homeowners and realtors prepare for the real estate photography I have prepared a check list of things you can do to really make the home photo ready.

How long will it take to photograph my property? ​ 2017-06-06T16:27:51+00:00

The amount of time required to properly photograph a home or commercial building can vary greatly.  The biggest factor is the size of the property.  As a general guideline plan on about 1 hour.  But many large homes and commercial or retail buildings can take longer for photography.  The time required for your photo shoot can be discussed at the time you book i

How Much Does It Cost? 2017-06-06T16:22:46+00:00

We have packages starting at $599 for a Virtual Tour plus 15 premium HDR photos. Contact our sales representative for a personalized quote. Keep in mind, the tour and still photography can be used in multiple ways. We also offer reshoots if you remodel in the future.

How long does it take? 2017-06-06T16:26:10+00:00

3D photography generally takes longer than still photography.  For homes, plan on 45 minutes per 1,500 square feet, plus 15 minutes for set-up and planning.  A 3,000 square foot home will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete.

In commercial/office environments the photography time is dependent on type of space and level of detail required.  As an example, an art gallery would take longer than a space the same size with open offices.

Can I get printed floor plans? 2017-06-06T16:20:14+00:00

Yes! Floor plans can be ordered for just $89 (up to 10,000 sq.ft.).  These are available within 48 hours of the processing of the model.  Floor plans can be ordered anytime, but it is best if placed at the time of the photography order

How long does it take to get my finished model? 2017-06-06T16:17:02+00:00

The links to your 3D Showcase willl be emailed to you within 48 hours.  Usually turnaround time is within 24 hours, however some models can take longer to process and review prior to sending the links.

Home/Site Preparation 2017-06-06T16:16:27+00:00

Make sure the home/space is in a ‘staged’ condition with no clutter, is vacuumed and dusted with all light bulbs working.  We recommend removing personal items from bathrooms, showers, sinks and laundry areas.  Also remove toilet bowl brushes, pet dishes, etc.  Tidy up desk areas, align rugs, etc.

Where does my Google Virtual Tour appear? 2017-06-06T16:24:48+00:00

 Once the photo shoot’s complete and the images are processed, your Google Virtual Tour appears in

  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Google + Local
  • Embed it on your Web site
  • Link it on social media
  • Link it on blog posts
  • Insert a link in your email signature
What does a Google Virtual Tour do for my business? 2017-06-06T16:24:23+00:00

Your Virtual Tour enhances your listing in Google Search results, on Google Maps and on Google + Local. You can embed it on your website and link to it on social media. It’s a great way to showcase your décor, ambience and the unique qualities of your business.  It helps your business stand out from the crowd. It goes beyond just advertising what’s unique and special about your business. It let’s you share it with the world.

WHAT IS A GOOGLE VIRTUAL TOUR? 2017-06-06T16:11:19+00:00

It’s a 360-degree panoramic tour of your business that’s available 24/7. It allows your customers to see inside your business from their computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s based on Google’s revolutionary “Street View” technology that you may have seen on Google Maps, but these tours take viewers beyond the street . It takes them inside your business – virtually. In fact, it’s a series of high quality, professional photos stitched together into one seamless, navigable view.

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